Strengths For Academics

Gallup’s CliftonStrengths assessment provides you with your top five talents and ways to enhance and develop these talents for academic success.

How can you apply your talents to promote academic success?

Use your talents to achieve academic success The following are reflection questions to assist you in thinking about your talents in terms of your academic pursuits:

  • How do you learn information the best?
  • How does that style of learning relate to your talents?
  • What type of classroom environment have you enjoyed the most?
  • What subjects have always captured your interest and attention?
  • What is a way to use your talents to achieve an academic goal?

To make the most of this assessment, first reflect on how your talents play out in your daily life and activities. You can then consciously apply your talents to different academic situations, such as how you plan courses, explore careers, and study.


  • My Strengths and How I Use Them is a worksheet to assist you in analyzing how you use your talents and how that benefits you.
  • Building Strengths is a worksheet to show how to turn your talent themes into Strengths.
  • Refresher – Totally You is an activity that helps you to understand what aspects of your CliftonStrengths for Students results are a good fit for you.
  • Talent Based Studying provides a framework for coming up with ways to use your talents in completing academic assignments.
  • Five Clues To Talent provides questions that prompt reflection on what areas or tasks in school that you have excelled in.

Strengths dumbbell of talents


  • Theme Quick Reference Card provides brief description of all 34 talent themes to help you learn about your talents and that of your peers.
  • Individual strengths handouts, available at the MU Career Center, provide you with beneficial application suggestions about using your talents in your role as a student.