Strengths for Students

We have created this website to help students find ways to use their unique talents to accomplish their educational, career and personal goals, and achieve success in life. CliftonStrengths for Students helps you discover your distinctive talents and provides you with resources to develop and maximize them.

CliftonStrengths for Mizzou student

  • If you want to take CliftonStrengths for Students, e-mail The cost is $15 and includes a personalized follow-up conversation with a career specialist afterwards.
  • If you have already taken the assessment, this website will help you learn how to develop your talents into strengths, and apply them to many different situations.

Here you will find a variety of activities, resources, and links to some of what we have found to be “the best of the best” on CliftonStrengths for Students!

If you’d like more information about CliftonStrengths for Students or have an activity, idea, or success story of your own to share, please let us know by emailing us at

Creating a Strengths-Based Campus at Mizzou

As an integral component of the Mizzou community, you have the ability to establish, maintain, and promote a Strengths-based campus culture through academic activities, organizational involvement, extracurricular initiatives, and your other interactions on campus.

Over 4,000 faculty, staff, and students take CliftonStrengths for Students every year, and it has been incorporated into academic curriculum, advising practices, athletics training, and multiple student affairs divisions. You can read more about CliftonStrengths for Students at work at Mizzou in this interview conducted by Gallup. We hope this site is helpful for everyone at Mizzou who wants to learn more!